Born in Nantes in 1992, Corentin Schieb is a French photographer working on free lifestyle documentary photography and adventures on the road. Started as a way to keep memories, he gets passionated during his studies for analog photography.

The content of his work is mostly made of his adventures, explorations and long journeys on the road during which the subjects of the images are not models but friends. While he enjoys capturing scenes of life, friendship, love, encounters, good and bad times, he's looking for the raw beauty of the youth through its act of escaping from regular lives, and its idea of freedom… to try to capture ephemeral moments and the beauty of lost time. 

His work has been published in various publications online and print including Lomography, Fubiz, Archdaily, Organiconcrete, Shooting Film, Electru, Frizzifrizzi, Idle, Diet Cola Zine, Artabout… 

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