· Au Détour ·

Short Film / Dance Performance - 2018

A contemporary dance film, featuring movement investigating body mechanics and birth of a gesture. What’s the relation between a movement and a body ? Where does the movement belong in a world becoming more mecanized everyday ? And when does it start to become an aesthetic figure ? This short film is about questioning the origin the movement and its elaboration in dance.

A choreography slowly appears in the palm of the hand, at the end of the drawing line, beyond the notebook… and redraws the horizon. The body is surrounded by the old naval and industrial city landscape : a gesture submitted to the spirit of mechanics. A dematerialized presence, a gaze that observes the performer through the camera filter, is trying to capture the movement primer.

A short film Corentin Schieb

Dance | Rim Cividino

Music | My Education - « Reekei Plume Plucked Minnow »

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