· Fange - Attaque Le Soleil ·

"À La Racine" and "Sang-Vinaigre" from de “Privation” (Throatruiner Records - 2023) by Fange

Music Video / Short Film - 2023

Lost in the immensity of a desert countryside, a lonely figure has an encouter with the soil. Beset by blinding visions, he must honor a twenty-year-old promise and unearth his most deeply buried memories...

"ATTAQUE LE SOLEIL" is a short film divided into three chapters, shot as a music video for "À LA RACINE" and "SANG-VINAIGRE", two tracks written by FANGE.

Directly inspired by thematics shared by the band, they evokes the question of traumatic memory and the difficulty to face the real world to be cured. Brotherly love, the fatal issues of the material world and the difficult exploration of memories buried, are the core of the plot.

Inspired by the work of Andrei Tarkovski, Gregg Araki and Denis Villeneuve, our aim was compose a pictural and poetic aestheticism, far from the usual codes of the Rock / Metal music music, in order to give to this story, affected by by death and nostalgia, a visual character outside time.

Written and directed by Corentin Schieb and Mathias Averty

Produced by Les Furtifs

Starring | Alexandre Picot - Raphael Reboul - Raphaël Harié 

Cinematography | Gregory Morin

Lights | Clément Kirche

Camera Operators | Gregory Morin - Marine Florenty

Sound | César Boucheton

First Assistant Director | Kévin Morvan

Costumes | Yulia Nikiforova

Make Up Artist | Chloé Bonnissent

On Set Photography | Lucille Charon

Catering | Albert Chapé

Mixing | Rémy Dumelz

Graphism and SFX | Paul Meulders

Editing | Corentin Schieb et Mathias Averty

Color Grading | Corentin Schieb

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