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"The Shining Mountain" - Music Video - 2019
Taken from “Behind The Backs Of Houses”, new album by Hanging Valleys out February 28th, 2020 via Pedro Y El Lobo.

"Directed by French photographer, Corentin Schieb, the idea for the video was to have a formless visual instead of a narrative. The result is a collage of images, textures and rhythms, put together in a grainy atmosphere to match the hypnotic and nostalgic ambience of the song. Shot during a cold and windy winter, the video is a poetic visualisation of the lyrics: an ode to wandering, nature and silence."

Written, recorded and produced by Hanging Valleys

Directed by Corentin Schieb
Additional footage by Robin Mellway
Production Assistant : Athénaïs Fernandez

Actress : Leeloo de Coligny Chatillon

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