· Year Of No Light - Réalgar ·

Taken from “Consolamentum” by Year Of No Light out July 2nd, 2021 via Pelagic Records

Music Video / Short Film - 2021

"Year Of No Light is a really special band for us. Their epic and majestuous Post-Rock music has been a source of great inspiration for many years now. Each listening provides us oniric visions and warm feelings. It was a true and huge honour for us to shoot their first video clip. 

In this oniric and contemplative short-movie, we wanted to build a dark and melancolic universe building up around the psychee of a amnesic woman. Wandering in a deserted place, she is looking for her daugther, as the short film is unveiling various characters following their own path of pain and loneliness."

Written and Directed by Corentin Schieb, Mathias Averty & Célia Le Goaziou

Produced by Violent Motion 

Cinematography | Gregory Morin & Clément Kirche 

Camera Operators | Valentin Clémot, Valentin Aviron & Alexis Lancien 

Production Manager |Valentin Clémot 

Production Assistant | Marine Florenty 

Make Up Artists |Chloé Bonnissent & Lea Entremont 

Mask Designer | Benjo David 

Visual FX Supervisors | Chloé Canevet & Liv Weiss 

Editors | Corentin Schieb & Mathias Averty 

Catering | Florian Besnard 

On Set Photography |Célia Le Goaziou & Corentin Schieb 

Making-of | Valentin Clémot 

Coaching | César Boucheton 

Starring | Sarah Reyjasse - Ondine Morin- Valentin Aviron- Emmanuel Buffet- Lucile Lejoly- Matthias Jungbluth- Amélie Le Kernec - Nils L.L. - Eva Léger - Lydie Cherry - Maxime Croyal - Colette Rambaud 

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